The Steubenville rape story on the main page is bringing out the irrational. There are commenters calling for a harassment campaign against the defendant's lawyers. Hate the crime and the criminals but they're entitled to a competent attorney who provides a vigorous defense.

Has anyone here ever shopped at eShakti or Simply Be? Both were recommended in the comments section but when I went to look up reviews online they were very negative. Sometimes merchandise would be delivered months later or shipments would get lost but customers still got charged. Their stuff is cute but I can't…

Does anyone know the forums for Lifehacker or Gizmodo? My laptop is going out. The battery doesn't hold a charge for more than a minute. I want to know if I should buy a new laptop or get a iPad?

Did anyone watch the Top Chef finale? I won't spoil it by announcing the winner but holy hell! What was that? The grading format was like something off of Food Network. Have the final two cook in front of a live audience and then have the judges chose each round? Who thought this was a good idea? It was cheesy and…

Is anyone watching Top Chef? I know the show has lost steam over the last few seasons but I'm still a fan. So glad Josh went home. He flew under the radar and survived by the skin of his teeth for weeks.

Has anyone been following the Manti Te'o story? This guy seems like Hayden Christensen's character in Shattered Glass. Everyone thinks he's charming, naive, overly trusting and will only lie when painted into a corner but it turns out he's a manipulative asshole and publicity seeking opportunist.


Homeland was a little better tonight but it didn't redeem itself. I was hoping Carrie and Brody would both get assassinated. No such luck. Last season was so amazing and this season was kind of a dud. I'm hoping they will rebound next season.